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Tipping guide of China tour

On China tours, the travelers should not feel obligated to tip your service providers like tour guides, drivers and bell boys. The routing tip is for service properly delivered. The big tip is for services offered either very well or above and beyond the call of duty. No tip sends a clear message of not to be dissatisfied with the service.

Tipping correctly can save you time, embarrassment, and particularly money. Assume the services performed properly. In the case, here are some tipping guides of China tour:

Recommended Tipping guide of China tour (daily basis)

Tour conductor: US$4/Person (You may tip your tour conductor at the end of the trip.)

Local tour guides: US$2/Person (groups of over 8 people)
US$4/Person (groups with less than 8 people)

Driver: US$1/Person (groups with over 8 people)
US$2/Person (groups with less than 8 people)

Other service staff together: US$1/Person

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