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Packing Checking Tips for China tours

Useful China travel tips on packing checking tips help you when packing your luggage efficiently before setting off on China tours.

Packing Checking Tips :

1. Not to pack your passport, travel documents or valuable items inside your checked luggage.

2. Not to pack food and beverages inside checked bags.

3. Distribute books evenly inside a suitcase rather than stacking them

4. Pack footwear on top of other items.

5. Not to pack too many items into a suitcase. It will be hard for a screener to close it should the need arise to open your bag.

6. Avoid packing anything you would be embarrassed for other people to see as your bag may be opened in a public place.

7. Put personal items, like underwear and toiletries, in a zip-lock plastic bag so screeners do not have to handle them.

8. Not to wrap gifts. They may have to be opened for inspection

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