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Tips to remove tiredness on China tour

Might feel tired after a trans-continental flight or a walk through the landmark historical monuments on China tour? Following useful travel tips as follows and exercising a little bit can help you to feel better-relaxed

Tips to remove tiredness on China tour

1. Shoulders: cross your fingers and rise up with palm upward, stretch your body backward ten times slowly, then quickly.
2. Chest: bend you arms, put arms in front of chest vertically, lower your head, then extend arms forward and backward, raise head and stick out chest at the same time. Do it 10 times.
3. Body: put one hand on waist, raise other hand up, turn upper body to the side, pump hand forcibly upward 5 times, each time for 1~2 seconds, then other side.
4. Waist and abdomen: hold head in hands, bend you body, then stretch upper body backward. Try to keep body straight. Do it slowly 5 times, each time for 3~4 seconds.
5. Legs: pull knee against chest, then stretch both legs at one time and on tiptoe 10 times, each time for 1~2 seconds.

1. These exercises can be done on a bus, boat, train or plane:
2. Press your fingertips together.
3. Make a fist with your left hand. With the right hand hold the left wrist tightly, push forcibly against each other. Then change hands.
4. Put palms together and push for 5 seconds.
5. Make both hands into tight fists.
6. Hold you breath for 5 seconds.
7. Set your teeth.
8. Open your mouth widely and shout silently.
9. Hold your chin with two fists, and press chin downward forcibly.
10. Raise face with right hand, lean face against right hand forcibly, alternate with left hand
11. Put both hands with palms against forehead. Push head forward while hands push backward.

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