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Tips to stay healthy on China tour

As travelers, it is imperative to stay healthy on China tour when you do the sightseeing, try local cuisines and participate in some strenuous activities. Here some of useful travel tips from our previous travelers to share with.

Tips to stay healthy on China tour

1. Take the following health information with you on your trip

Insurance company's name and address
Trip insurance contact information
Contact person in case of emergency
A copy of your eyeglass prescription
A list of current medications with their generic names. Brand names can vary in foreign countries A list of any known food or drug allergies
A list of immunizations with their dates
A basic description of your past and present medical condition, including past hospitalizations and any current problems Know your blood type

2. Protect yourself from the weather

The weather is very changeable in spring and autumn. Layer clothing so if you become too warm or too cold layers can be added or taken off.  Take an umbrella if it looks like rain. Avoid staying out in the wind.

3. Get enough sleep

Don’t become over-tired. Sleeping 6-8 hours a night will help you keep up a rigorous schedule.

4. Pay attention to food hygiene

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruits should be washed. Oranges and Bananas that can be easily peeled are a good choice. Avoid raw foods. Drink only bottled water or commercially packaged soft drinks. Have your meals in the hotel restaurant where you stay as much possible. If you eat out, choose a good, clean restaurant. In the most remote areas, brush your teeth with bottled water.

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