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How to deal with luggage missed or damaged on China tour

How to deal with luggage missed or damaged on China tour

If your bags do not arrive at your destination when you do, report this to the airline baggage agent in the claim area/office before you leave the airport so the airline can obtain information pertinent to locating your luggage. At that time, you will be given a baggage claim ID and a brochure explaining the baggage recovery process.

Lost or delayed property on China tour must be reported to the airlines within 24 hours and a claim made in writing within 45 days, giving a full description and the value of the missing property. If your bag was misplaced, the airlines will make every effort to return your checked baggage within 24 hours. Returning your bags may take longer on international flights due to flight duration, frequency of flights, or customs and immigration procedures at the destination airport.

Report any damage immediately to the baggage service center of the airline on which you arrived. Damage claims should be filed before leaving the airport. Damage will not be covered if this procedure is not followed.

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