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Packing List for China tours

It may seem great to travel like kings with many staffs, but the experienced travelers can tell you that, the less you bring the better. The following charts are a basic suggestion on what you should bring on China tours.

List for Traveling Must
Paperwork & Documentation Money Miscellaneous Maintenance Electrical
Passport Cash (Foreign & home currency) Medications Laundry Detergent Travel Alarm Clock
Air, Train & Cruise Tickets Credit Cards Jewelry Travel Iron/Steamer Video recorder
Travel Vouchers Traveler Checks First Aid Kit Inflatable Hangers Camera & Lenses
Travel Itinerary Wristwatch Sewing Kit Film
Relevant Membership Cards Sunglasses Lint Brush Batteries
Address Book Binoculars Dry Cleaner's Plastic Bags Converters/Adapters
Guide Book Glasses Flashlight
Maps Multi-function Knife Hair Dryer
Copies of your prescriptions and generic names Contact Lenses with case and cleaning kit. Curling Iron
Insurance Information (Health, Travel) Entertainment Material

Things for daily use
Toiletries Clothing Night gear Shoes Swimming Raingear
Soap Suit/Dress Pajamas Walking Shoes Swimsuit Raincoat
Razor Ties Slippers Sport Shoes Eye goggles Galoshes
Shaving Cream Shirts/Blouses Robe Odor Eaters Swim cap Umbrella
Facial Cleanser Pants/Jeans Sleeping mask Dress Shoes Swim shoes  
Moisturizing Lotion Skirts        
Shampoo Sweaters/Sweatshirts        
Conditioner Undergarments        
Cologne/Perfume Socks        
Toothbrush Scarves        
Toothpaste Belts        
Comb Handkerchief        
Nail Clippers          
Nail File          
Dental Floss          
Lip Balm          

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