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Huashan Mountain

Huashan Mountain, Xian Attractions, Xian Travel GuideMt Huashan, also called "The great west Mountain" in the past, is one of China's five sacr-ed mountains. It is located to the south of Huayin County, 120 kilometres east of Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. With an elevation of 2,200 metres, the mountain overlooks the Huanghe River and the Weishui River the north and links with the Qinling Mountains to the south. Mt Huashan is the tallest among the five great mountains. It is one of the famous mountains as well as a very beautiful scenic spot of China.

Mt. Huashan is famous for its breath-taking cliffs. Along the 12-kilometer-long winding path up to the top are awe-inspiring precipices, looking into which will take your breath away. Among the five peaks, East Peak (Facing Sun Peak), West Peak (Lotus Peak) and South Peak (Dropping Goose Peak) are comparatively high. Standing at the top of East Peak, one can enjoy the rising sun early in the morning. West Peak, in resemblance to a lotus flower, is the most graceful peak in Mt. Huashan. In addition, there are Middle Peak (Jade Maiden Peak) and North Peak (Clouds Stand). The middle peak got its name because of a story telling that once a young lady rode a white horse among the mountains. North Peak, like a flat platform in the clouds, is the place where the story Capturing Mt. Huashan Wisely took place.

In ancient times, many emperors came here to make sacrifices to their ancestors, and celebrities visited Huashan leaving quite a lot of stone inscriptions of poems. Huashan has many places of historic interest and scenic beauty, as well as many fantastic and legendary stories. Its fascination lasts forever.

Every year one can take advantage of the best visiting times through May to October. At the foot of Mt. Huashan there are a variety of restaurants where comfortable accommodation is available. As well, one night can be refreshed in the restaurants on Qingke Stand, South Peak and North Peak as well as in temples, big or small.

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