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Xian Nightlife

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Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, Xian nightlife, Xian Travel GuideTang Dynasty Dance and Music Palace
Add: Chang'an Rd., Xian
Tel:+86 29-85261633
Description: It provides the best Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show in Xian. It's a performance of Chang'an music and dance that originated in the Tang Dynasty over a thousand years ago. It has been recreated in accordance with various historical records as well as ancient art and relics discovered in Xian. It provides a good place to enjoy the traditional Chinese music and dinner together.
Hours: Dinner (6:30pm-8: 30pm), Show (8:30pm-9: 40pm)

Shaanxi Opera House
Add: Wenyi N. Rd, Xian
Tel:+86 29-87853295
Description: It provides a professional Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show together with dinner.
Hours: Dinner (6:30pm-8: 30pm), Show (8:30pm-9: 40pm)

Yisu She
Add: Anban St., Xian
Tel:+86 29-87283640
Description: It's the oldest theater in Xian that provides local Qin Opera. It's popular with the natives.
Hours: 8:00pm-10:00pm


Add: Huangcheng W. Rd., Xian
Description: Popular with local young people, especially on weekends.
Hours: 8:00pm-midnight

Xian Diwang Club
Add: Zhuque St., Xian
Tel:+86 29-85227569
Description: Known as Xi'an best club, it is also the most up-to-the-date and expensive.
Hours: 8:00pm-midnight

Xian Longdu Disc Club
Add: Nanyuan Gate, Xian
Tel:+86 29-87250342
Description: This is one of the most popular disco bars with the young and hip in Xian. The DJ is great, and the ambience and services are good.
Hours: 8:00pm-midnight

Shaanxi Royal nightclub
Add: Beida St., Xian
Tel:+86 29-87266967
Hours: 8:00pm-midnight

One plus One
Add: Dongda Jie, Xian
Description: It's the most popular bar with foreigners.
Hours: 8:00pm-midnight

Xian New Century International Club
Add: Dongda Jie, Xian
Tel:+86 29-88315566
Description: Located in Xi'an Hi-Tec Industrial Zone, it’s one of the most luxurious Nightclubs in Xian.
Hours: 11 am-midnights

Charlie's Bar
Add: #20 Jin Hua Nan Rd., Xian
Tel:+86 29-88238888
Description: Located in the Jianguo Hotel, it is a pleasant place to relax.
Hours: 24 hours


Xian Weili Bowling Center
Add: Xiaozhai, Xian
Tel:+86 29-85223388
Hourss: 10:00am-midnight

Xian Nanguo Bowling Center
Add: Xiwu Rd. Xian
Tel:+86 29-87213026
Hours: 10:00am-midnight

Hongguang Cinema
Add: Dongguan Main St. Xian
Tel:+86 29-82484176
Description: Located at foot of the city wall, it's one of the largest cinemas in Xian.
Hours: 10:00am-10:00pm

Xian Bell Tower Cinema
Add: Dongdajie, Xian
Tel:+86 29-87281677
Hours: 10:00am-10:00pm
Description: Located in the very center of Xian, it's easily accessible.

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