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Xiangji Temple

Xian Xiangji Temple Gate, Xian Attractions, Xian Travel GuideLocated in Xiangji village, about 17.5 kilometers south of the city of Xi'an, Xian Xiangji Temple was founded in the year 706 A.D. to worship Master Shandao, a Buddist priest of Jingtu Sect, by his closest disciple Huaihun ,after his nirvana. Being founded, it has become the activity center of Jingtu Sect. That's why it has been looked upon as the source of this sect. It prospered in the Tang Dynasty and a few emperors visited it many times and donated a lot to keep it going. As the Holy Land of Jingtu Sect, it matched Xuanzhong Temple at that time.

There are two pagodas standing in Xiangji Temple. The larger pagoda, named Shandao Pagoda, is 33 meters tall, and was built in 680, during the Tang Dynasty .The top two stories of the pagoda have worn away during its 1300 years of history, leaving a remaining eleven stories. To the east stands the pagoda's smaller pagoda, a brick pagoda built to commemorate another of Shandao's pious disciples, Jingye. Surrounding these two pagodas is a vista that is beautiful and tranquil. The renowned landscape poet Wang Wei of the Tang Dynasty visited the Temple and composed a poem to praise its charms.

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