Geyuan Garden

Geyuan Garden located on the northern side of Dongguan Street of Yangzhou city, was rebuilt by General Manager Huang Zhiyun, a local salt industry official on a ruin in the 23rd year of Qing Dynasty Emperor Jiaqing's reign(1818). Bamboo leaves in the gardon look like the Chinese character--个(Ge), hence the name Geyuan Garden.

Geyuan Garden, one of the four best gardens in China and the magnum opus of private gardens in Qing Dynasty, is a key member of the national cultural relics. It is said that the best gardens in China are in Yangzhou and the best rockeries are in Geyuan Garden.The Geyuan Garden is well known as the only extant of gardening art for its Four-season Rockeries.The architect of Geyuan Garden had distinguished acuity of the figures and colors of rocks.In Geyuan Garden,different prospects in four seasons are constructed with deiierent rocks.Therefore,the rockeries are so rich,colorful and winning that visitors frequently tend to fell themselves facing true mountains.

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