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Heyuan Garden

Heyuan Garden, originally named Jixiao Mountain Village, is located at the central part of Xunningmen Street on the north bank of the ancient Canal. It was built by He Zhidao,a high-ranking official and dates back to the 9th year of Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu's reign(1883).

The garden is dicided into three parts: the northern part is the rear garden; the central part is a countryard in a mixed Chinese-Western style, a model of the combination of Chinese architectural art with Western style in this field; the southeastern part of it is an area of guarinite-built houses

This small garden is filled with ponds, pavilions, rocks and walls inscribed with classical Chinese poetry. There are also some enchanting teahouses where visitors can rest and enjoy the beauty of the park. An interesting feature of this garden is a 430 meter-long covered walkway which winds through the entire complex and links the different buildings.

Rated as a representative work of the Yangzhou gardening in the Qing Dynasty, it is now listed as a unit of the culture relics under State protenction.

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