South Suburb Scenic Area

Zhenjiang South Suburb Scenic Area, Zhenjiang Attractions, Zhenjiang Travel GuideThe South Suburb of Zhenjiang, as a provincial scenic spot as Nanjiao or the South Suburb lies 2.5 kilometers from the centre of Zhenjiang. It has a preserved area of 18 square kilometers and a developed area of 3.67 square kilometers. It comprised of hilly and wooded landscape and some historical sites. It is characterized by its deepness, serenity, brightness, beauty and primitive simplicity. Nanjiao is also called "Mountain Forest in the city".

The history of Nanjiao could be traced and dated back to the Qin Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty is believed to be the most flourishing. Since the Six Dynasties, men of scholars and celebrities from generations came here either to visit or to settle down. They created some well-known work pieces that turned into some precious relics. Altogether, there are over 160 types of trees and over 70 types of birds in Nanjiao, both outnumbering that of any other scenic spot on either side of the Shanghai-Nanjiao highway.

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