Zhenjiang Restaurants

Zhenjiang is famous for Huainan cuisine, one of the eight major cuisines of China. These dishes are known for their tenderness, lightness and freshness. Braising, stewing and roasting are the main cooking methods of Zhenjiang food. Famous Zhenjiang food includes Xierou shizitou (steamed crabmeat), braised chub, crab dumplings and much more.

Huainan Cuisine, Zhenjiang Restaurants, Zhenjang Travel GuideHere is a list of famous restaurants providing authentic local cuisine:
Add: Shanmenkou
Tel: +86 0511 5032040


Chinese Dining Lounge/Bar, Zhenjiang International Hotel
Address: 218 Jiefang Road
Tel: +86 0511 5021888

Tianlun Restaurant
Address: 81 Yunhe Road
Tel: +86 0511 4447676

VIP Restaurant, Zhenjiang Guanhailou Hotel
Address: 4 Mengxi Road
Tel: +86 0511 4402117

Yanchun Restaurant
Address: 301 Xuehu Street, Jiangsu University
Tel: +86 0511 8798779

If you prefer to western food, try:
Buffet Bar
Add: 2nd Floor, No. 6 Building, Yangguang Garden
Tel: +86 0511 6027777 or 6026222

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