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Baohuashan National Forest Park

Monks in Baohuashan, Zhenjiang Attractions, Zhenjiang Travel GuideBaohua Mountain scenic area has become National Forest Park in the decade, and is one of the holly places of Buddism in China. Amongst the mountain, there is 1500-year-old Longchang Temple, which is the biggest place to initiate into monk hood at present. In the past not only 70% monks and nuns in China came here to be initiated into monk hood, but also many from Southeast Asia countries came here for pilgrimage and initiation. So the mountain is also called the No.1 mountain of Buddism discipline. Baohua Mountain has a wonderful view. The Temple is surrounded by the woods of ancient pines and green cypresses. "The mountain is like a lotus flower, the temple is at the center of it". There are 9 profound grottos and 4 beautiful ponds in the mountain; you can also find the scarce Baohua magnolia.

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