Zhenjiang Museum

Zhenjiang Museum, Zhenjiang Attractions, Zhenjiang Travel GuideZhenjiang Museum is a local historical and art museum in China. It is located in little Pier Street in Zhenjiang City of Jiangsu Province. The museum was built in 1958.

Zhenjiang Museum is the local artistic historical museum. The museum was constructed based on five Italian-style architectures that are located near the river and on the hill in the north of Mt Yuntai in Zhenjiang City. There is a collection of 30,000 articles of relics from Neolithic Age to the present. In addition, there are 92,804 articles of ancient books, including 532 articles of well edited book.

The museum has a total exhibition area of approximately 1,000square meters. There are two basic exhibition halls there namely "Zhenjiang area historical relics display hall" and the "revolutionary relic's exhibition for Maoshan anti-Japanese base areas by New Fourth Army".

Additionally, it also organizes small temporary and moving exhibition area, including "prime exhibition of Zhenjiang historic relic and "Southern Song Dynasty tomb relic's exhibitions".

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