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Zhongdian Attractions

Meili snow mountai

Meili snow mountaiMeili Snow Mountain in the east suburb of Diqing County is known for its main peak, the Kagebo, which at an elevation of 6,470 meters above sea leavel is the tallest in Yunnan. It is extolled as the "most beautiful mountain in the world". This Kagebo Peak is surrounded with 13 lesser peaks, and at its foot lays a modern monsoon maritime glacier, a geographical rarity, given its low latitude and high altitude. On the southern side of the main peak, a waterfall - known as "a deluge of rain and god - mandated cascade" among the local people - tumbles down from a breath - taking height of 1,000 meters. Despite the fact that man has long conquered Mount Qomolangma, the top of the Kagebo Peak, protected by perpendicular cliffs and foul climate, is yet to be visited by a human soul.

The Gedan Songzanlin Lamasery

The Gedan Songzanlin LamaseryThe Gedan Songzanlin Lamasery is four kilometres north of the county and has a long history. The architecture is magnificent; it faces north and is built along the mountains. At first sight, it appears to be just in 1681 (the Year of the Iron Cock in the Tibetan calendar). It is said that the Fifth Dalai Lama chose it as the site of the lamasery through divination and named it "Gedan Songzanlin". In the 2nd year of Emperor Yongzheng's rule (1724) in the Qing Dynasty, Deqing was brought under the jurisdiction of Yunnan Province, and the lamasery was renamed the "Guihua Lamasery". Occupying an area of over 500 mu, it has strong walls and five gates. The two main lamaseries Zhacang, and Jikang command the highest position in the architectural complex.

Baishui terrace

Baishui terraceThe Baishui terrace is situated in Sanba Township 101 kilometers southeast of Zhongdian County seat. The terrace is 3 sq. kilometers in area. It is a karst formation of a layer of white deposits of calcium carbonate crystallized in spring water. It was also one of the places where the Dongba was originated. In Baidi village near the terrace one can still experience the old Naxi ethnic life-style. Terraces like those of Baishui are one of nature's most remarkable creations. The formations vaguely resemble a frozen cascading series of short waterfalls - and the wet terrace walls have a white jade like glow. The half circular pools of water that fill the shallow basins behind the terrace walls lend a serene visual touch.

Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve

Baima Snow Mountain Nature ReserveThe Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve, in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, is situated on the central part of the Hengduan Mountains, on the slope of the section between the Baima Snow Mountain, the major peak in the north of the Yunling Ranges, and Renzhi Snow Mountain. It is between Deqen County of the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Markam County in the Tibet Autonomous Region. The Yunling Ranges are the source of the Lancang and Jinsha rivers. Above 4,000 metres, the mountains are covered in snow all year round. A great number of well-preserved primitive forests can also be found here. Highland oak birch, Yunnan pine, George's fir, snow-white rhododendron, and vitchleaf sophora are the main plants in the reserve. There are 47 species of animals in the reserve.

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