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Zhongdian Transportation

By Air

The Diqing airport is 3 km outside town. There is no airport shuttle, but it only costs 15-20 RMB to take a taxi to the airport from town. There are flights to Chengdu (1 per week), Kunming (2 per day) and Lhasa (1 per week).

Diqing airport - Zhongdian Transportation

By Bus

The Central Long-distance Bus Station is located on Changzheng Road. The ticket office is inside the waiting room. It is open daily 6am-8pm with buses to Deqin (7hrs, 2 per day), Kunming (15hrs, 5 per day), Lijiang (5hrs, 5 per day), Sanba (3.5hrs, daily) and Xiaguan (8hrs, 11 per day).

By Taxi

It costs no more than 5 RMB to travel within the city proper. For longer distances, you can talk about the price with the taxi driver.

By Bicycle

Most hotels rent bicycles for touring around the city.

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