Baotou Restaurants

The Baotou dinning are a mix of Chinese cuisines. Many rice dishes reflect the northern preference for wheat, while the western preference for beef and mutton is combined with the southeastern preference for with pork.

Baotou Liangfen, Baotou Restaurants, Baotou Travel GuideThere are two night markets in the eastern section of Baotou, which serve a good selection of local delicacies. The better of the two is north of the Donghe Hotel, at the northwest corner of the intersection of Nanmenwai Street (Nanmenwai Dajie) and Huancheng Road. The other is near the railway station. Food stalls are open there during the day. The restaurant in the Donghe Hotel serves fairly good Chinese and Mongolian food, and just opposite the hotel is a good hotpot restaurant, the Prince Building Hotpot City (Taizilou Rouzhou Huoguocheng).

There are a number of other restaurants along Nanmenwai Street (Nanmenwai Dajie) that serve Chinese and Mongolian food. In the western section of town most of the best restaurants are in the hotels. The Qingshan Hotel has a fairly decent Chinese restaurant and both the Tian Wai Tian Hotel and the new Baotou Guesthouse serve western-style food. The most famous Baotou restaurant in the city is probably the Dafulin Restaurant (Dafulin fanzhuang) at 90 Wenhua Road, that mainly serves Mongolian food.

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