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Baotou Transportation


The airport is 2km southeast of the city's eastern or Donghe district. Taxis are RMB 20-30 to Donghe and RMB 40-50 to the western section of the city. For those on a budget, it is possible to walk to the eastern section of the city, and catch bus No.5 or 10 to the western section. From the west a CAAC bus leaves from the CAAC office for RMB10. Baotou is connected by regular flights to and from such major cities as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and less regularly to cities including Xi'an, Yulin, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan and Lanzhou.


Baotou has connections with a number of cities including Hohhot (2-3hrs.), Beijing (13hrs.), Tianjin (7.5hrs.), Taiyuan (13.5hrs.) and Shanghai (32hrs.). There are two railway stations in the city, one in the western section, south of the Kundulun District (Baotou zhan), and the other in the eastern section, south Donghe (Baotou dongzhan or Donghe zhan). All trains into the city stop at both stations, so ask before alighting.


 Baotou Genghis Khan Mausoleum, Baotou Travel GuideBuses to Hohhot (3hrs.) and Dongsheng (2hrs.) depart from the Baotou bus station. For destinations further field, it is probably better to take the train. Buses are mainly used for traveling to nearby sites, such as Genghis Khan's Mausoleum, Wudangzhao Monastery and the Resonant Gorge. The main bus station is in the eastern section of the city, opposite the Donghe railway station. There are also long distance buses leaving from the station near the intersection of Tuanjie Street (Tuanjie Dajie) and Baiyun Ebo Road (Baiyun Ebo Lu).

City transportation

Minibuses shuttle back and forth within the city for just RMB2.5. Taxis and mini-vans congregate around the railway station and tourist hotels. Although the minimum you have to pay is RMB8, it is still worth bargaining for longer journeys. Bike renting is also possible.

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