Beijing Botanical Garden

Beijing Botanical Garden, Beijing Attractions, Beijing Travel GuideBeijing Botanical Garden was founded in 1956 with financial support from central government. After ten-year rapid development, it had suffered a big pain from the Culture Revolution for another 10 years. During the recent 20 years, lots of projects were carried on the garden, especially after 1990. New collection areas are extended and more plants are collected at present.

The Beijing Botanical Gardens are situated in the western outskirts of the city between Xiangshan Park and Jade Spring Mountain, have by tradition been engaged in the conservation of the native flora, and especially plants from northern, northeastern and northwestern China. Its attention is also concentrated on research, public education and recreation. Although the gardens are not large, with only some 3,000 different plant species, many famous and rare plant specimens are on display, including the living plant collections, the historic sites, a nature reserve. Excellent displays are made monthly in the main conservatory, penjing (bonsai) garden, the arboretum and 11 outdoor gardens: tree-peony garden, peony garden, rose garden, ornamental peach garden, lilac garden, crabapple-contoneaster garden, magnolia garden, fall color garden, perennial garden, bamboo garden and mume flower garden. There are more than 1.4 million visitors every year from domestic and oversea.