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Departure from Beijing

Beijing Transportation


From Beijing, you can find direct daily flights to most big cities in China. Airport shuttle buses run from outside the Aviation Office every 30minutes from 5.30am to 8pm or from the northwest side of the International Hotel hourly from 6.30am to 4.30pm. Tickets cost around RMB16. To get to the city area from the airport, you can easily find the most convenient shuttle bus route to take at the cost of 16-25 yuan. A taxi to the airport will cost around Y80, and should take about 45 minutes.


Beijing has the most complete and organized train system in China. Passengers' trains depart from Xi Zhan (Beijing West Railway Station), Nan Zhan (Beijing South Railway Station) or Beijing Railway Station traveling in all directions.


Taking a taxi is the simplest way to get around the city. Fare start at 10 yuan.


Getting around by bicycle is an option. While the traffic in Beijing is chaotic, many streets have bicycle lanes, and many of the major sights are within biking distance of each other. Most hotels rent bicycles for about 30-50 yuan a day.


Beijing Subway Map

The subway fare begins at two yuan. The subway operates from 5.30am to 11pm daily and entrances are marked by a logo of a square inside a "C" shape. All stops are marked in pinyin, and announced in English and Chinese. At present the capital has two metro routes. The Loop Line, consisting of 16 stations, parallels where the Ming era city wall once stood and where the second ring road is today. The other track is Line One, composed of 21 stops stretching from Pingguoyuan at the foot of the Western Hills, through Tian'anmen Square to Sihuidong beyond the eastern Fourth Ring Road along the Beijing C Tongxian Expressway. There are two transfer stations intersecting the lines: Fuxingmen on the west and Jianguomen on the east.

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