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Beijing Nightlife

Kong Fu, Martial arts, Beijing Nightlife, Beijing Travel GuideWith the recent appearance of the "Beijing yuppie" and the influx of visitors from other countries, recreational facilities have blossomed throughout the city. Most major hotels, catering to foreigners, have exercise equipment. Modern Beijing offers many more than karaoke and bland bars. Today one may choose from a wide variety of entertainment such as street bars, cinemas, Peking Opera, Acrobatics, and Martial Arts (Kong Fu) displays.

Theaters & Concerts

Chang'an Grand Theater
Add: Chang'an Dajie
Description: China's most magnificent national-level theater.
Open Hour: Refer to the scheduled daily program list.

Bars & Teahouse & Clubs

Club Banana
Add: #12 Chaoyangmenei Dajie.
Description: The first of Beijing's small and exclusive clubs.
Open Hour: 20:30-2:00

Club X
Add: #31 Kexueyuan Nan Lu. Dark.
Description: Spacious and full of people--the first of Beijing's small and exclusive clubs
Open Hour: Open till 3am

Add: #2 Dongdan Dahua Lu
Description: The most sophisticated of Beijing's clubs, playing the latest Western dance tracks.
Open Hour: open daily till 4am or later

Add: Dong San Huan Lu.
Description: Ironically at the heart of a PLA compound, this massive disco with a saucy floorshow packs them in nightly.
Open Hour: 20:00-2:00

Beijing JJs Nightclub, Beijing Nightlife, Beijing Travel Guide JJ's
Add: #74-76 Xinjiekou Bei Dajie.
Description: This cavernous club has lasers, a hi-fi theme and scantily clad Russian dancing girls.
Open Hour: 20:30-3:00

Add: At the corner of Xueyuan Lu and Xitucheng Lu.
Description: The most alternative of Beijing's aircraft hangar-style discos, where you can watch Chinese girls playing air guitar and teenagers break dancing to Chinese rap.
Open Hour: 20:00-2:00

Add: Junction of Qishen Nan Lu and Xibahe Zhong Jie
Description: This mega disco attracts a lot of the most affluent young people.
Open Hour: 20:00-2:00

Lao She Teahouse
Add: 3/F Da Wan Cha Building, 3 Qianmen Xidajie
Description: The most famous teahouse in Beijing.
Open Hour: 19:40-21:20


Chaoyang Acrobatic Theatre
Add: #36 Dongsanhuan Bei Lu
Open Hour: 19:15-21:00

Huaxia Cultural and Martial Arts Center
Add: #64 Donganmen Dajie
Open Hour: 19:00-21:00
Description: Breathtaking traditional Martial Arts performance with dazzling swordplay.

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