Beijing Planetarium

Beijing Planetarium, Beijing Attractions, Beijing Travel GuideThe new Beijing Planetarium opened to the public Sunday to satisfy the high demand of Chinese young people who have keen zest and great curiosity for universe. Construction of the planetarium started in 2001 as a key project in Beijing. It cost an investment of more than 300 million Yuan (US$36.1 million).

The old planetarium in Beijing hosted tens of millions visitors ever since it opened in 1957. It was the first of its kind in China. It is located diagonally opposite the Beijing Zoo in the northwestern part of the city and is composed of a planetarium, an exhibition hall, a lecture hall and an astronomical observatory. The planetarium, with its cupola measuring 25 meters in diameter, is the main focus of interest of the entire complex. However, its scale and equipment gradually fell behind people's growing thirst for astronomical science.

The new planetarium, which covers a total floor space of 20,000square meters, has a digital universe theater, a 3D theater and a number of up-to-date equipment such vacuum telescope and a 400mm telescope.

The planetarium is one of the most attractive spots for young people to learn popular science.