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Blue Zoo Beijing

Blue Zoo Beijing, Beijing Attractions, Beijing Travel GuideBlue Zoo Beijing is the largest aquarium of its type in Asia, and also the first walk-through aquarium established in Beijing. In the year following its grand opening by the Prime Minister of New Zealand in November 1997, more than a million people visited the attraction. In 1998, Blue Zoo Beijing was formally recognized by the Beijing Municipal Tourism Administration, which named it one of the outstanding new tourist attractions. Constructed beneath a man-made lake adjacent to the Workers' Stadium, the capital's major public sports stadium in the heart of one of the city's most affluent areas, Blue Zoo Beijing features live tropical marine species in a variety of displays.

The main attraction is the central tank holding 3.5 million liters of artificially produced salt water. A complete eco-system has been created in this tank to allow thousands of fish to live in as natural an environment as possible.

Blue Zoo Beijing's underwater community encompasses fish from all tropical levels; in all, the aquarium boasts thousands of ocean and marine estuary creatures, including sharks, rays, eels, coral reef fish, lobsters, sea horses, starfish and many others. New arrivals are held in the quarantine facility to ensure that diseases are contained and effectively treated by Blue Zoo Beijing's skilled staff.

Besides the main tank, Blue Zoo Beijing features eighteen different tanks which hold specifically themed displays. Adding to the attraction of the underground aquarium itself, is the daily excitement of watching specialist divers feeding the fish and sharks twice a day. Blue Zoo Beijing's aquarium is a world-class complex featuring the latest in aquarium technology.

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