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Changchun Botanical and Zoological Garden

Changchun Botanical and Zoological Garden, Changchun Attractions, Changchun Travel GuideChangchun Botanical and Zoological Garden, with more than 200 kinds of animals and 81 kinds of plants, is home to forest and lawn, a small artificial lake, large lion and tiger mountain, monkey mountain, zebra house, sea horse hall, aviary, medium-sized house for various beasts, amphibious animal house, small snake house, abies holophylla, spruce, white birch and willow. The animal district is located in the east of the garden, with the animal house arranged according to the evolutionary period, exhibiting some 200 kinds of species. The botanical garden is in the western part of the garden. On a 40-meter-high mountain, various plants mimic the scenery of Changbai Mountain. Meanwhile, special animals in north China are also being raised. In the northern part is a tropical botanical zone and animal garden for children. The garden has become fauna and flora research base of the province and the center to propagate scientific knowledge.

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