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Changchun Nightlife

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Changchun People's Art Theatre
Add: #51 Changjiang Road, Changchun
Tel: +86-431-2988875
Description: This is a comprehensive, multi-functional and specialized cultural and recreational site including an excellent theatre, film hall, projection and video hall and a dance hall.
Open Hour: 7pm-10am

Bars / Teahouses / Clubs

Back Street Man Bar
Add: #15 Chongqing Rd., Changchun
Tel: +86-431-8919248
Open Hour: 11am-1am

Wolter Bar
Add: #15 Wanbao St., Changchun
Tel: +86-431-5654656
Description: A popular hangout for youth.
Open Hour: 10am-11pm

Qianhui Bar
Add: International Mansion, Xi'an Avenue, Changchun
Tel: +86-431-8925347
Description: a bar favored by young people.
Open Hour: 11am-11pm

Yatai Hotel Nightclub
Add: #17 Yatai Hotel, Renmin Avenue, Changchun
Tel: +86-431-8931740
Description: This is one of the best clubs in Changchun.
Open Hour: 6pm-11pm

Golden Apple Bar
Add: 91-97 Tongzhi St., Changchun
Tel: +86-431-5695888
Open Hour: 11am-11pm


The Song and Dance Hall of the Xindong Recreational Center
Add: #168 Nanling Avenue, Changchun
Tel: +86-431-5680044
Description: With a large ballroom for holding 200 people, various performances can be presented here.
Open Hour: 7pm-1am

People's Audiovisual Recreational City
Add: #10 Xinfa Rd., Changchun
Tel: +86-431-2717141
Description: Located in downtown Changchun, it provides local people with a multi-functional and comprehensive recreational site with advanced equipment, sumptuous decorations and a refined environment.
Open Hour: 2pm-11pm

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