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Changchun Movie City

Changchun Movie City, Changchun Attractions, Changchun Travel GuideTucked away among green trees by the side of Kuanping Bridge in urban Changchun, Changchun Movie City was built in 1987 for movie goers, movie shooting, and recreation. It boasts the Film World and the panoramic cinema, and a new-tech exhibition district. On its 29 hectares of land are arranged a block of Beijing-style courtyard houses, a horse racecourse, a shooting range, an outdoor dance ground, an ancient construction district; a minority ethnic group district composed of buildings in the style of Korean, Mongolian, and Manchu ethnic groups; an entertainment district made up of ancient castles and strange caves, and an ancient animal world; a district providing catering and shopping services; and a sound control center. The cinema city, mingling film art with science and technology and ancient architecture with modern building style, is a unique tourist spot that is well worth visiting.

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