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Jingyue Pool

Changchun Jingyue Pool, Changchun Attractions, Changchun Travel GuideThe Jingyue (Clear Moon) Pool Park extends 200 square kilometers and located 12 kilometers away from the southeast of Changchun proper. It is famous for its reservoirs and the local people extol the pool in Changchun as "Sparkling Emerald Pearl" and regard it as a "sister" to Taiwan's Riyue (The Sun and Moon) Pool. Inside are Jingyue and Yutain towns, the Changchun Cinema City, and 119 mountain peaks. There are 100 square kilometers of cultivated land, 10 square kilometers of forests, and 4.3 square kilometers of water. Jingyue Pool was so named because the pool looks like a crescent moon after a dam was built to retain water. It becomes famous because of its enchanting landscape of green mountains and clear water.

The place has become a national forest park and a scenic resort where holidaymakers go for sightseeing, recuperating, recreation, and other purposes. Facilities, including a world-class skiing ground, have been built to wow sightseers and winter sports fans.

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