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Changsha Restaurants

Changsha Food, Changsha Restaurants, Changsha Travel GuideXiangjiang River, the longest river in Changsha, runs through the city from south to north. The province name is shortened to Xiang and so the food is called Xiang Cuisine. It is similar to the spicy food of Sichuan province, but is difficult to Categorize as it has absorbed styles from all over China. The region is sometimes called China's culinary center.

Changsha specialties include Dongan chicken, orange beef, crispy duck, stinking tofu, chili smoked meat and cold rice noodles in a hot and spicy sauce, peppery hot chicken, lotus seeds in Sugar Candy.

Restaurants that serve typical Xiang Cuisine:
Changsha Restaurant
Add: #116 Wuyi donglu

The Fire Palace (Huogongdian)
Add: #78 Pozijie, Changsha
Tel: 5817591

Dongtang Branch:
Add: Northeast corner of Dongtang Intersection
Tel: 5501303

The Kaiyunlou Restaurant (Kaiyunlou)
Add: Wuyi Rd near the intersection with Chaoyang Rd

Fast food:
George's Fast Food
Add: the corner of Shaoshan Rd and Middle Wuyi Rd

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