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Chengde Transportation


There is a small airport in the southeast of the city offering chartered flights. Flights to Beijing take one hour.


Chengde Train Station is located at the east of the Wulie River. The ticket office is open daily from 5-7:45am and 8:10am-11pm. Chengde is about four hours north of Beijing by train.


Chengde Long-distance Bus Station is located at the junction of Xinhua Lu and Wulie Lu. Open daily 5am-10pm. There are daily scheduled buses to Beijing (3.5 hrs), Qinhuangdao (6 hrs), and Tianjin (6hr). Private minibuses also depart frequently for Beijing (3hr.) from the front of the building.


The best method for getting around Chengde is by metered taxi. The rates are reasonable and they are readily available at the train station. Base fare officially is RMB5 with each additional km RMB1.4.


Look for a bicycle rental stand on the right side of Tiaoli Jie, near the intersection with Xinhua Lu. Bicycles can be rented for RMB10-20 per day. Its Open daily 6am-10pm. Another stand at the southwest corner of the train station square, left of the post office has a limited selection, with RMB5 per day, deposit RMB100-200. Open daily approx. 6am-6: 30pm.

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