Pule Temple

Chengde Pule Temple, Chengde Attractions, Chengde Travel GuideTo the east of the Summer Villa, and south of the Temple for Distant Security, the Temple of Universal Happiness (Pule Si), also known as the Round Pavilion, is the resorts most modern looking complex.

It is definitely the most interesting of the temples, which was built in 1766. The structure style is a combination of Han style and Tibet style. On the west, following the Han style is consisted of the Mountain Gate, the Heaven King Palace, Bell and Drum Tower, Subordinated Palace and Formal Palace.

To the east is the Tibetan style. Xuguang Pavilion is the main hall of the whole temple on which there is a vault and double eaves just like that in the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest in Beijing Heaven Temple. The great model of Mantuoluo was placed on the foundation composed of 37 pieces of wood. Here "37" represents the 37 kinds of knowledge of Sakyamuni. On the model of Mantuoluo there is a standing copper statue in the form of hugging male and female, which was ever called "Happiness Buddha". The male statue is King Buddha (Shengle King Buddha, Happiness Buddha) representing Rulaifo facing Qingchui Peak, which symbolizes "Knowledge". And the female statue is the mother of Buddha facing of Sheli Pagoda in a long distance in the Yongyou Temple representing "prolonged and intense contemplation" or "deep meditation", the highest study form of Buddhism. "The two bodies' Buddha" is a reflection of primitive people worshipping ideology. On the round ceiling are the designs of dragon and phoenix, and the round sunk panel. In the center of the sunken panel carved a picture of gold dragon playing with the pearl. Sunken panel was stalled by the gradually decreasing three tiers with exquisite work and dazzling color which makes us enjoy a high value of art.