Puren Temple

Chengde Puren Temple, Chengde Attractions, Chengde Travel GuideTemple of Universal Benevolence (Puren Temple) is the earliest temple, lies to the north of the Mountain Summer Resort. It was also called Qiansi (Front Temple) and built imitating the Potala Palace. Like the Potala Palace, the compassionate and merciful God Mother Bodhisattva is enshrined in this temple, so it is also called "Small Potala Palace". The Temple of Universal Benevolence was built in 1767 for the Mongolian nobles of various tribes who came to Chengde to offer congratulations on Emperor Kangxi's 60th birthday. So the celebration of finishing of the Temple of Universal Benevolence was also one of several celebration activities. It was a great event in the history of Qing Dynasty.

The construction and the decoration art outside and inside have characteristics of Han and Zang nationality. They are very harmonious and beautiful. It was listed in the Chinese emphatic preservation of cultural relics unit in 1961. Although the constructions have been over 200 years up to now, they are preserved very well and have mien of big temple.