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Baoguang Buddhist Temple

Baoguang Buddhist Temple, Chengdu Attractions, Chengdu Travel GuideBaoguang Buddhist Temple, situated in Xindu City north of Chengdu, is one of the four most renowned Buddhist temples in South China. It was originally built in the Eastern Han Dynasty and covers 20 acres of land. Its major structures are built with some 400 stone pillars and decorated with figurines of birds and animals on their eaves and carvings of flowers and plumes on their doors and windows. Kept in the temple are such treasures as Sarira (monks' ashes) and Buddhist scriptures written on Pattra Leaves.

A walk through the temple unfolds a total of five halls and sixteen courtyards along with a monumental stupa constructed during the Tang Dynasty. Worthwhile visiting are also 500 gold - gilded statues of arhats, 6.6 - feet tall each and with looks of his own.

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