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Traditional Chinese Paintings

Chinese paintings have its origins in the pictographs inscribed on bronze during the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties. Paintings on silk appeared during the period of the Warring States (475-221 BC) and by the late Western Han era (206 BC-24 AD), paintings in rich colors were being done, such as the murals discovered in Han tombs.

traditional Chinese painting

In the history of Chinese painting, figure painting was the first genre to appear. The earliest examples, during the Warring States period, were on silk (Paper began to be manufactured only in the first century AD.) By the prime of the Tang Dynasty figure painting was already well advanced. Mountains, rivers, flowers and birds served only as the background or embellishment of a painting; they developed into independent genres at a much later date. In time, however, landscape painting became the most important genre and numerous schools, theories and techniques relating to it evolved.

Landscape painting, traditional Chinese painting

The earliest extant Chinese landscape is Spring Excursion by Zhan Ziqian of the Sui (581-618 AD). He was an artist who paid special attention to brushwork and used dots and lines as his principal method of expression. Today, many artists believe that a mastery of landscape painting makes it easier to learn figure and flower and bird painting because techniques learnt for the former can be used in the latter.