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Chinese Arts

Chinese Arts

Chinese folk art is an important part of the country's extremely rich cultural and art heritage. It is as extensive as any in the world. Each section of China had its own styles, and the entire output of art was enormous for both family and community use. The art associated with festivals, weddings, and funerals was extravagant even among the poor, and vestiges of it can still be seen in Chinese holiday celebrations.

Chinese art, like Chinese literature, goes back many centuries. Early themes were developed from religious and supernatural beliefs or from the natural environment and landscape. Chinese handicrafts are multiform. The paper cut, woodblock picture, leather silhouette, silk embroidery, carving, pottery and so on in our Web site are just part of them.

Actually, Chinese handicrafts are created to be living things. It has been the highest level pursued by countless artisans on their works. You may think the norm abstract, intricate, or mysterious, but when you see close to some works, you would feel an undercurrent of power flowing in them. Probably that's what the oriental art suggests to its viewers.

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