Ba Yu Culture Village

Chongqing Ba Yu Culture Village, Chongqing Attractions, Chongqing Travel GuideThe Folk Culture and Custom Village of the Ba and Yu peoples, is located on the Lianglu Town of Yubei District. In the long years of historical development, sons and daughters of Ba-Yu created their Ba-Yu culture with distinct local characteristics. During the Warring States period (475-221 B.C.), songs of Ba people became the most popular songs in the state of Chu. This shows how great the influence of Ba culture was. Ba-Yu dances, bold and vigorous, accompanied by forceful music with strong rhythms, clearly showed the characteristics of the valiant and militant Ba people. There is also an ancient temple here, the Kwan-yin showing the religious belief and prayer procedures of the ancient Ba people. Many ancient poets sang and wrote about Ba: Li Bai sang his songs praising the fascinating scenery on the river, Du Fu climbed the mountain to recite his poems about the people, Liu Yuxi hummed his ci-poem about the spring water and the peach blossoms, and Li Shangyin wrote to his beloved in a rainy night in the mountains of Ba Scholars of the past have contributed a great deal to make the culture of Chongqing so pro-found and great.