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Chongqing Shopping

Chongqing Tea, Chongqing Shopping, Chongqing Travel GuideChongqing has a long history of tea cultivation, and is a major tea producing area. Chongqing Tuo Tea, Cuiping Silver Needle Tea and Xinong Maojian Tea enjoy high prestige among tea drinkers everywhere. Folk handicraft in Chongqing has long been highly prized. Since the Southern Song Dynasty, Shu embroidery (also known as Sichuan embroidery) has been ranked among the four most famous embroidery types in China. Rongchang paper fans have been a popular export from the area since the Qing dynasty. Many rare herbs used in Chinese traditional herbal medicines come from the mountains surrounding Chongqing.

Rongchang Paper Fan

The first Rongchang paper fan was made 450 years ago. Since then, the fan has enjoyed domestic and international renown. The fans have been exported to India and Burma for Chongqing Three Gorge Ink Stone, Chongqing Shopping, Chongqing Travel Guidehundreds of years.

Three Gorge Ink Stone

For travelers interested in Chinese calligraphy, Three Gorge ink stone might be the most sought after item in Chongqing. Made from a special stone excavated from the Libi Gorge section of Jialing River, the finely shaped ink stone is delicately engraved with beautiful patterns.

Shu Embroidery

Shu embroidery is a traditional craft of Sichuan Province. It features fine, smooth needlework, simple elegant colors, graceful easy lines and the traditional Chinese paintings' style. The embroidery uses locally produced satin and thread as its materials. The threads are neatly and tightly placed, and the colors are elegantly displayed.

Chongqing Brocade, Chongqing Shopping, Chongqing Travel GuideShu Brocade

Shu brocade (also known as Sichuan brocade), soft to feel and flamboyant in color, has a history of over 2000 years. There are several hundred types of Shu brocade and it has become an essential part of the costume of ethnic minority women from southwestern China. The main uses of Shu brocade is for the facing of quilts, fabric for clothes and decorative brocade for draperies, upholstery, etc. Unfortunately, handmade brocade has gradually given way to machine made textiles.

Recommended Shopping Places

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General Shopping: Pacific Department Store with reasonable prices.

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