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Chongqing Zoological Garden

Chongqing Zoological Garden, Chongqing Attractions, Chongqing Travel GuideChongqing Zoological Garden is situated in the western suburb of Chongqing with undulating green hills, wriggling ravines, and clear waters. In the Garden, the zigzag paths lead to seclusion; an artificial lake is built at the foot of hills, all kinds of birds are flying above and resting on the lake; and the plants on the isle in the middle of the lake is imposingly verdant. Construction of the zoo began in 1953. This attraction is the largest zoological garden in southwest China and one of the largest in the whole country. An artificial lake is built, with all kinds of birds either flying above or resting on the lake, and the plants on the island in the middle of the lake are strikingly verdant.

In these years when many rare birds and animals are on the verge of extinction, zoological gardens have become the most important sites for their protection. Now Chongqing Zoological Garden is rising over 1, 000 birds and Zoological Garden of Chongqing, Chongqing Attractions, Chongqing Travel Guideanimals of 170 species. In the Panda Ground at the foot of a hill and by a little stream, visitors can see charmingly naive giant and lesser pandas and their offspring. The pandas, together with the golden monkeys, have visited the United States, Canada, and Japan as good-will envoys of the Chinese people. When the two-year-old giant panda, star of Sichuan, who had been born and raised in this garden, visited South Korea, people there gave her a warm welcome. At the same time, the giraffes, flamingos, lion-tailed monkeys, ostriches, mandrills, and Arabian baboons from the United States, Canada, and Japan have come to settle in this Chinese garden.

In the zoo there are some teahouses, restaurants, snack counters, and middle-and small-sized entertainment facilities to provide visitors a joyful and elegant touring environment.

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