The Chongqing People's Hall

Chongqing People’s Hall, Chongqing Attractions, Chongqing Travel GuideThe People's Great Hall is a large complex including the Auditorium, Peoples' Square and People's Hotel. A column-supported building with big dome 55 meters high and flanked with wings is its centerpiece. After its erection in 1953, it was named the Sino-Soviet Building except the red star topped the dome that was the copy of that of the Kremlin. The Chongqing People's Hall is an architectural symbol of Chongqing. It was designed in the traditional symmetrical and beautifully proportioned style of Ming and Qing dynasties' palaces. It has the area of 25,000 square meters. There are 5 levels. 4 of them are taken into use. It can contain a 4000-seat auditorium. The round roof with its green glazed tiles makes the building looks like the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the porch in front of the hall with its red columns and white marble rails reminds people of the Tian An Men gate in Beijing.

In the book in 1987, the Auditorium was put in the second place in a list of 43 best Chinese buildings constructed after liberation. In May 1997, People's Square was completed in front of the Auditorium covering an area of 25,000 square meters, of which 15,000 square meters is planted with trees and flowers. The ground of the square is paved with smooth and shining marble tiles; there is magic music fountain; at the southern end of the square stands a stage for performances in the open air. In the numerous beautiful lights in the evening, you may see thousands of people dancing on the square.

People’s Hall of Chongqing, Chongqing Attractions, Chongqing Travel Guide