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Fuzhou produces a number of fine handicrafts, including Shoushan stone carvings, bodiless lacquer ware, gold and Fuzhou Shoushan Stone, Fuzhou Shopping, Fuzhou Travel Guidesilver jewelry, fireworks, bamboo and wooden furniture, cork pictures, ivory earrings, jade sculptures, wood carvings, porcelains, paper umbrellas, paper lanterns, and horn combs.

"Tianhuang" is an especially rare type of Shoushan stone. The imperial seals of Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty were carved in Fuzhou. These priceless seals are now preserved in the Forbidden City Museum in Beijing. Fuzhou bodiless lacquer ware, one of the three Chinese traditional handicrafts, enjoys equal acclaim with Beijing cloisonné and Jingdezhen porcelain from Jiangxi Province.

Xinhuadu Shopping Center
Add: #162 Wusi Rd

Hualian Shopping Center
Add: #125 Taijiang Rd

Dongbai Shopping Center
Add: #84-88 North Bayiqi Rd
Tel: +86-591-87536211

Fuzhou Bodiless Lacquer Ware, Fuzhou Shopping, Fuzhou Travel GuideDongfang Shopping Center
Add: #8 East Yangqiao Rd, Gulou District
Tel: +86-591-87617666

Nanmen Shopping Center
Add: Gutian Rd, Gulou District
Tel: +86-591-83358866

Zhongshan Shopping Mall
Add: #28 Junzhu Rd
Tel: +86-591-83980028

Fuzhou Shopping Center
Add: #143 North Wuyi Rd, Gulou District
Tel: +86-591-87554140

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