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Fuzhou Travel Guide

Fuzhou City, Fuzhou Travel GuideFuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, is an ancient city with a history of more than 2,100 years. It is located on the lower reaches of the Minjiang River along the east coast of Fujian on the East China Sea. It covers an area of 12,153 square kilometers with a population of 5.83 million. There are more than 20 different ethnic groups in Fuzhou City, including Han, Manchu, Miao, and Hui, The main industry is the manufacture of industrial chemicals.

Fuzhou lies among mountains and beside the sea. Due to its geographical location, the climate is pleasant--warm and humid with a yearly average temperature of 19.6C (70F). It has been called "the city of banyans" and ancient banyan trees with their wide-spreading branches are numerous in the city.

Fuzhou has many scenic spots and places of historic interest. Drum Hill, famous for its Drum Hill, Fuzhou Travel Guidefine caves, forests of stone inscriptions and temples; West Lake, Qingzhi Mount, known for its crags, caves, lakes and springs, Shizhu Mount, Fangguang Crag, White Crag, Bi Crag, Jiyan Mount, the Memorial Hall of Lin Zexu, Yongquan Temple and West Buddhist Temple are some of the most notable.

During the Song dynasty (960-1279), Fuzhou was a centre for overseas trade and also an important cultural centre. It reached its height of prosperity when it was opened as a treaty port after the Opium War with England in 1839-42.

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