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Banyan Lake and Cedar Lake

Guilin Banyan Lake and Cedar Lake, Guilin Attractions, Guilin Travel Guide

Banyan Lake and Cedar Lake are located in downtown Guilin. They are like two pieces of crystal embedded in the central part of Guilin city. The origin of both lakes dates back to Tang Dynasty when they were part of a city moat. Due to the expansion of Guilin city, the moat became a lake within the city area. Built in Song-Dynasty, Blue Ribbon Bridge separates the lake into two parts: one part in the east called Cedar and the other part called Banyan. The Cedar Part was named after the cedar trees growing on the shore and the Banyan Part got its name because of a large banyan tree standing on shore near the 1,000-year-old South City Gate. The two lakes are often referred to as Round Lake. Zigzag bridges lead to the Mid-lake Isle, which is dotted with long corridors, waterside pavilions and ancient buildings.