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The Bear and Tiger Village

Guilin The Bear and Tiger Village, Guilin Attractions, Guilin Travel GuideGuilin Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Mountain Villa are located in Shatang Loop of Guilin Liangjiang Airport Expressway in Lingui County. It covers more than three hundred thousand square meters. It combines scientific research, breeding, watching and entertainment. There are over 80 tigers, over 200 black bears, 30 lions and leopards, snakes, monkeys, birds and other wild animals, some of which are endangered species. In order to maintain the wild nature of those animals, the village has training performances every day for the animals. This includes exciting and horrifying games of a tiger catching a pig and a lion fighting a bull, which will make people understand the natural rule of survival. The acrobatic performances of bears and monkeys riding a motor on wire are really amazing and awe-inspiring. The most famous program is "the bears and tigers show", which lets you experience real life excitement of watching tigers, bears, lions and monkeys playing together.

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