West Hill

Guilin West Hill, Guilin Attractions, Guilin Travel GuideWest Hill is located 2 kilometers west of Guilin and covers about 2 square kilometers. It includes the Hidden Hill and West Hill. Western Hill used to be the booming site for ancient Buddhism. During the Tang Dynaty, splendid temples were found scattering all around. The famous Xiqinglin Temple built in Tang Dynasty was one of the five large temples in South China at that time, when eminent monks, famous people and devout men came here from afar for a visit incessantly. When in fine evening the peak is veiled in golden sunlight, which is known as the "Sunset in the West Hill". Now on the hills there still remain over 90 Buddhist shrines and over 200 statues. These benignant-looking Buddha are exquisitely carved, ranging from 2 centimeters to 2 meters in height. The Hill consists of West Peak, Avalokitesvara Peak, Stone Fish Peak, Dragon Head Peak, and Thousand Peak. Hidden Hill features a great number of caves. All caves are connected with each other. The most famous six caves include Sunset Cave, South Glory Cave, North Window Cave, Lotus Cave and White Bird Cave.