Longgong Cave (Dragon Palace Cave)

Guiyang Dragon Palace Cave, Guiyang Attractions, Guiyang Travel GuideA national scenic resort, the Dragon Palace at Longtan Village, Anshun, is a topographical phenomenon that is typical of a limestone landmass. It is actually a cave, whose gorgeous interior is suggestive of the crystal palace in Chinese mythology. A 3,000-metre section of the underground river that runs through the "palace" has been opened up, so that tourist boats can sail directly into its depth. Its main part consists of magnificent karst river caves and a waterfall inside the cave, including the Dragon's Palace, the Rape Lake, the Whirlpool and the Leech Pass. Its strange krast cave is one of typical karst landforms in China even in the world, as result of erosion to soluable rock by flowing water. Its centre area is made up with the Dragon-Sleeping Lake, the Guest-Receiving Cave, the Dragon-Grate Flying Waterfall, Heaven-Ladder Cave the Dragon's Pool, a subterranean lake in the Dragon's Palace, the Clamshell Rock, the Tiger's Den and others. The water runs through the five subterranean sections of the river and lake stringed together, in and out five times. Being as long as 15 kilometers, it is the longest singularly shaped in China up to now. Nearby, the Sancha River, the Stone Forest Park, the Dragon-Flag Cave and the Buyi village near the Dragon's Pool offer a wonderful view.

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