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Guiyang Airport, the only airport in Guizhou Province, is located about 9 miles from city. Presently it serves more than 30 airlines connecting Guiyang to the major cities of China. Shuttle buses run every hour from 8am to 8pm, and cost RMB10 between the airport and the city.


Trains are the major form of transportation in Guizhou Province. The Guiyang-Liuzhou, Chongqing-Guiyang, Guiyang-Kunming and Zhuzhou-Guiyang railways all start from Guiyang. Trains leave Guiyang going to all major cities in China.


Metered taxis are everywhere. Fares vary depending on the size of the vehicle. Most taxis charge a base fare of RMB10 during the day and RMB11 at night, with an additional RMB1 per km.


Because of its mountainous terrain, bicycles are not usually ridden.

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