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Guiyang Attractions

Huangguoshu Waterfall
Guiyang Huangguoshu WaterfallThe Huangguoshu waterfall measures 74 meters high and 81 meters wide and boasts the biggest of its kind in China and also one of the world's most magnificent. The waterfall is situated over the Baishui River, 15 kilometers From the Zhenning county seat, and 137 kilometers from Guiyang. A visit to Huangguoshu Waterfalls is a must for all visitors to Guizhou. It has become a holiday resort where you can forget the outside world and enjoy fabulous scenes and sights, including limestone caves and stone forests. The trip is also tainted with ethnic flavor with a visit to the local Buoyei people. Local legend says that in ancient times the sky suddenly cracked open, causing part of the Milky Way to smash to pieces on the ground.

Jiaxiu Tower
Guiyang Jiaxiu TowerPerched on a boulder in the Nanming River in Guiyang, this magnificent building has long been the landmark of Guiyang. Built in the mid-16th century, it has been rebuilt several times, yet has still managed to retain its original features. The tower is 65 feet high with three layers of hipped roof, and has its outer joinery propped up by 12 stone pillars. It houses many tablets inscribed by famous poets and scholars. Among these a pair of long couplets with 176 characters is the best known. Jiaxiu Tower is linked with the Fuyu Bridge which provides access to both the south and north banks.

Zhijin Cave
Guiyang Zhijin CaveLying in Zhijin County, 152 kilometers from Guiyang and 123 kilometers from Anshun, Zhijin Cave is the biggest treasury of cave resource, both in scale and peculiar shape, discovered in China at the moment. Standing on the entrance and overlooking, you can see an enormous relief consisting of innumerable stalagmite, stone curtain, stalacto-stalagmite, stone bottle, etc.The cave is truly majestic, measuring over 30,000 square meters in area with a height of 185 meters (600ft) at its tallest and has clear, blue underground lakes and waterfalls. The unusual moonstones and the goose-neck growths in the crystalline palace are rare sight and remain a mystery to scientists.

Wuyang River
Guiyang Wuyang RiverLocated within Zhenyuan, Shibin and Huangping .counties, the Wuyang River scenic spot includes the Wuyang Three Gorges (Dragon King, West and East), Mount Yuntai, the Tiexi Stream, Zhenyuan-a well-known ancient cultural town and others. Covering 400 square kilometers, this scenic spot becomes one of the major tourist sites of the state for it is combined perfectly with the places of historic interest, the natural scenic beauty and the customs of he nationalities. The Wuyang Three Gorges, characterized by grotesque cliffs and green water running as long as 35 kilometers, is the main part of this spot. Wuyang River is famous for it picturesque mountain scenes and gently flowing water.

Guiyang Attractions List
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