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Tianhe Pool

Guiyang Tianhe Pool, Guiyang Attractions, Guiyang Travel GuideThis is a naturally sunken pit 30 meters deep, Tianhe Pool, 13km upstream from Huaxi Park, a newly developed scenic area with natural vistas of limestone caves and waterfalls. Its Stone Bridge, naturally formed out of a limestone cave, has a 25-metre-high arch Tianhe pool lies in a massive pit, which also harbors two horizontal caves, one dry and the other with an underground river flowing through it. Near the Stone Bridge, visitors are able to see how the local people use water as energy to turn their waterwheels and mills.

Walk 500 meters downstream from Tianhe pool and you reach Wolong Sandbar, When the water flows over the travertine sandbar, it turns into the 210-metre-wide Tianhe Waterfall with both the vigor and appearance of thousands of galloping horses. The limestone cave at the foot of the waterfall, concealed behind the water-screen, lends the magnificent waterfall an even more fascinating perspective.

Lying between these two scenic areas is the Huaxi Reservoir. On its sloping bank lies Zhenshan Village, a settlement of the Buoyei ethnic group. The 120 households all live in stone houses. Their village, protected by stone walls and gates, resembles an ancient fortress. A visit there to taste their food and watch their performance will make your trip all the more memorable.

Guiyang Tianhe Pool, Guiyang Attractions, Guiyang Travel Guide

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