Guiyang Forest Park

Guiyang Guiyang Forest Park, Guiyang Attractions, Guiyang Travel GuideLocated in the southeast of the city, 2.5 kilometers from the centre of Guiyang City, the Forest Park was built in 1960, whose forest covering an area of 3,900 hectares with continuous mountains and various peaks, which is the first and largest urban forest park in China. At the front gate is an ancient plank-way pass where armies were stationed during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Some guest-greeting pavilions and archways can also be found here. More than 1 million species of rare plants and trees are widely planted here, among them masson pine, cypress, oak, poplar, pine, China fir, Chinese catalpa, camphor trees and tea-oil trees are just a sampling. There are also flower beds, orchards, tea houses and the Zhong Shan Garden in the park along with the well preserved stone tablets and cliff-carvings of the Qing Dynasty. The monuments to the international medical aid workers to China and the tomb of an English woman-doctor Gaotianyi, stand in the park in memory of the aid of friends abroad during China's Anti-Japanese War. The park is densely wooded and quite secluded. The forest stretches miles, giving its cool shade to everything. In summer, the temperature is always 2℃ lower than that in the downtown area. There is an artificial lake with Deer Garden and Potted Landscape Garden. The renovated Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Memorial Hall is embraced by trees for visitors to show their respect to this great revolutionist.

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