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Maling River Gorge

Guiyang Maling River Gorge, Guiyang Attractions, Guiyang Travel GuideLocated 10 kilometers from Xingyi west of Guiyang city, the gorge boasts "the spectacular crevice of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau". There are various strange karst caves in cliffs. An intelation of waterfalls numbering in hundred sprashing water, karst landform, and lush tropical and subtropical plants covering the river sides forms a special magnificent, precipitous and beautiful scene. There are 18 beaches, 20 bends, 30 ponds and more than 60 waterfalls with grand fall in the valley. Floating down steam by boat along the floating route with a length of 12km, you will see picturesque scenery. You can raft down a 13.8-kilometre'section from Maling Town to Tianxing Bridge to enjoy the marvelous views and have a breathtaking experience. There are also plank ways built halfway up the cliffs on both banks, and a cableway.

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